Human Resources

Kızılay Mineral Water is one of the largest mineral water factories in Turkey and in the Middle East. It has the most modern machinery among the facilities operating in Turkey. It offers maximum hygiene conditions. Kızılay Mineral Water cares about its employees and supports their success. It exports its products to many countries around the world. Thus, it provides broad employment fields for its employees. Kızılay Mineral Water never makes concessions on its naturalness and quality for 94 years and continues to be the leader in its sector. Join us if you want to be a part of this quality!

Human Resources Mission

Kızılay Beverage provides all its employees with a participative, productive and transparent working environment where they can display and reflect their potentials to their business performance.

Human Resources Vision

It aims to become a company with strong sense of belonging and that has adopted the values of the Turkish Red Crescent, open for continuous learning and development, makes its employees happy with its productivity-oriented workforce, as an employer for which our target group candidates would love to work.

Human Resources Principles

  • Supports professional and personal development of its employees.
  • Ensures continuous improvement and development of processes with the active participation of its employees.
  • Designs its processes in a way that will create high added value, with the awareness of responsibility towards the society.

Recruitment Activities

  • Recruitment of Experienced Workforce:Kızılay Beverages and its Group Companies manage their recruitment processes in accordance with its competency, knowledge and specialized-based assessment practices for vacancies that require experience.
  • Recruitment of New Graduates: Kızılay Beverages and its Group Companies aim to train the leaders of the future by recruiting new graduates with high potentials. They include the candidates into measurement and assessment processes through the latest assessment center practices.


You can complete the application form if you want to work at KIZILAY MINERAL WATER and become a part of this worldwide charity movement.
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