• It has been proven with the conducted analysis that Kızılay Mineral Waters, which currently have springs in Afyonkarahisar and Erzincan, are rich in minerals and very useful. Kızılay Plain Mineral Waters, Natural Fruit Flavored Mineral Waters, Mineral Waters with Fruit Juice, Lemonade and Soda products are manufactured from completely natural mineral waters, and all products contain rich minerals.

  • Offering the purest form of naturalness, Kızılay Natural Mineral Water is good for you with the purest form of health through Kızılay Afyon with plenty of minerals and Kızılay Erzincan with plenty of magnesium.

  • Combining 100% natural fruit flavors with the mineral and magnesium of Mineral Water; Kızılay Mineral Waters with natural flavors are good for you with the Lemon, Lemon+C, Apple, Watermelon-Strawberry and Sour Cherry options.

  • We present Kızılay Mineral Water with your favorite fruit flavors! Mandarin, Pear, Melon, Pomegranate, Green Apple, Vitamin C, Lemon and Orange-Cookie-Apple flavors offer lasting naturalness and taste in our life.

  • As a source of vitamins; we offer a combination of Lemon and Kızılay Mineral Water. We created refreshing Lemonade made with Mineral Water. Enjoy freshness with Kızılay Lemonade. Kızılay Lemonades are available in 1l plastic and 250 ml glass bottle options.

    We have blended the soda flavor with natural mineral water and created delicious soda with mineral water. Kızılay Sodas are available in 1l plastic and 250 ml glass bottle options.

  • Kızılay Plus Black Elderberry contains zinc, which helps to boost immunity, Kızılay Plus Green Tea contains Vitamins and Ginseng to help you stay energetic.
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