Bizim Hikayemiz

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    Emergence of the Healing Phrygia in the 8th Century B.C.

    The first historical knowledge about the healing waters in Gazlıgöl results from the Maltaş Monument in Gazlıgöl, which was home to the Great Phrygian Civilization. The healing waters of this region were narrated in myths during the era of the Phrygian people. According to the legend, the beautiful daughter of the Phrygian King Midas got sick, and as no cure was found for her sickness, she left the area and started living near the mountains. One day she went closer to a hot water spring. After washing with that water, the girl recovered from her sickness. The men of the King Midas, who were watching the daughter, sent the message of her recovery to the King who was living in Ayazin. The King was very happy with the recovery of his daughter and instructed the construction of some facilities near the hot water spring.

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    1890 - 1899 / Abdülhamit II Enabled the Use of Water for Healing

    When Abdülhamid II heard the health effects of Karahisar mineral water, he granted the usage license of this water to Hamidiye Etfal Hospital. Then the waters available in Gazlıgöl were started to be used for healing purposes…

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    1903 / The First Analysis was Conducted by a Turk: Chemist MD Ali Rıza Bey

    Karahisar mineral water was analyzed for the first time at the laboratories of Şişli Etfal Hospital. In the report issued, the characteristics of the water were described as “A clear, delicious and refreshing fizzy water free from all kinds of bad smells’’.

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    1904 / Recommendation of the French and German Doctors At That Time

    The report, which contained the statement "Drink it even with meals…", was prepared and signed by the Surgeon Doctor Denis from the French Hospital in Istanbul. The Ottoman report that was prepared by the German Hospital had the signatures of 4 doctors.

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    1910 - 1913 / Shipments Continued In Spite of All Difficulties

    Conditions were too difficult for everyone in the last 10 years of a great empire. Due to the far distance between the mineral water spring and the station; it was mandatory to use the tallyho coaches. In spite of all difficulties, shipments were regularly made from Gazlıgöl Station. A wagon would take only 150 cases with each case containing 50 large bottles.

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    1926 / Atatürk Donated the Healing Waters to the ‘Turkish Red Crescent Association’

    During the War of Independence, Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk fell ill with his kidneys, and was treated with the healing mineral water taken from Gazlıgöl. Following the great victory which granted us independence; Atatürk paved the way for the foundation of a factory in Afyonkarahisar Gazlıgöl District with his own capital.

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    1932 / Golden Medal from London

    The healing Kızılay Afyonkarahisar water also received immense appreciation from other countries. The golden medal award was presented to Kızılay Afyonkarahisar Mineral Water at the 1932 International Precious Waters Contest. In his statement published in Cumhuriyet Daily on September 7th, 1936, Dr. Refik Saydan, Minister of Health’ said: ‘‘I have been regularly drinking this water for the last twelve years’’.

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    1940 - 1950 / Capacity Increased on Automatic Machines

    The amount of production, which was around one million bottles until 1945, quickly increased to 3 million bottles in 1950. As the increase in demand was forcing the production capabilities, higher quality machines were imported and installed in the factory. The most important expansion was the import of automatic machines with the hourly capacity of producing 6 thousand bottles in 1950.

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    1960 / The Name of the Mineral Water is Now “KIZILAY MINERAL WATER”

    In the 1960s, the name of mineral water was mentioned as KIZILAY MINERAL WATER in all texts. The classical bottle of KIZILAY MINERAL WATER was long used in the commercial films.

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    1964 / Second Factory in Afyonkarahisar

    We were excited to open a new and more modern factory next to the first factory.

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    1976 - 1977 / First Export to Cyprus

    Initially, 2 thousand cases of mineral water were exported to the Turkish side of Cyprus, and continued with three batches in1976-1977.

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    1985 / First Trademark Registration

    Kızılay Afyonkarahisar Mineral Water was registered on January 8th, 1985 with its Kızılay logo emblem, and the Trademark Registration Certificate number 83427 was presented.

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    2014 / New Spring - Erzincan Mineral Water is the Water with the Richest Magnesium in the World

    Kızılay Erzincan Factory was opened by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who said: "We are proud and happy with this investment’’. As one of the richest mineral waters in the world in terms of its magnesium contents, Kızılay Erzincan Mineral Water is currently bottled for 1 million pieces per day.

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    Today, plain and fruit flavored mineral waters and Soda and Lemonade made of mineral water are produced at Afyonkarahisar and Erzincan Factories. Kızılay İçecek A.Ş., which aims to produce 2 billion bottles of mineral water at the end of 2020, continues its operations on its journey that had started with the production of one thousand bottles in 1926. All proceeds of Kızılay Mineral Waters are used for humanitarian aids by the Turkish Red Crescent.